The Dry Bones Project is creating an Online Dry Bones Academy of Cartoon Advocacy and Activism
Some details about the Academy and its course material is shown below:

Advocacy Journalism
All journalism is "Advocacy Journalism". What is, or is not, reported by supposedly "impartial" reporters and news "anchors" for big networks such the BBC, CBS, CNN, or NBC advances the opinions and positions of those corporations. In the ongoing debate for the truth, advocacy can be hidden, or it can be out in the open and honest. Our Academy will teach the principles of honest Advocacy Journalism. Become a member at

Cartoon Advocacy
All cartoons are advocacy cartoons. No matter how it's presented, every cartoon by every editorial or political cartoonist advances someone's point of view. The advocacy can be hidden, or it can be honestly and openly acknowledged. The Academy will teach the techniques and tactics of honest Advocacy cartooning and dissect and analyze the viral antisemitic cartoons which threaten our society. Become a member at

Cartoon Activism
The Cartoon Activist must learn the realities and tactics of contemporary Cartoon Distribution. An Academy course examines Syndicates and Organizations, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Newspapers, Blogs and Aggregates. Looking For Likes, Seeking Shares, and Finding Followers. Cartooning for Specialized and Targeted Audiences .Become a member at

Cartoon Antisemitism
The Academy course is based on the study by Academy founder Yaakov Kirschen (published by Yale University Press) which examines the historic infecting of cartoons with a unique image-based virus of Jew-hatred. The course focuses on the three main strains of this cartoon virus, and makes extensive use of the library and guide to those viral cartoon images which can be seen at The Dry Bones Yale Findings

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